2018 Goals

Happy New Year, Scenic Brook!

Everyone is excited for 2018 and thinking ahead to set out goals for this year to serve our community, enrich the appeal of our neighborhood, and bring everyone closer together with our shared neighborhood interests. In January, the SBNA Board met to discuss some ideas for 2018, which obviously includes the park/pool property, but also reached beyond that lofty and long-term project! See our 2018 Vision Statement below, and then email us if you have ideas you’d like to contribute or would like to jump on board and help make 2018 a year of growth for Scenic Brook residents!

The Scenic Brook Neighborhood Association, along with the support of all Scenic Brook residents, would like to achieve or accomplish the following mid-term and long-term future goals. This list is intended to serve as a guide for choosing current and future courses of action. In 2018, we propose a focus on building neighborhood identity through suggested projects such as building and displaying a “Welcome to Scenic Brook” sign at one or more of the major neighborhood entry points. Another focus for this year centers around neighborhood beautification with a proposed plan to facilitate shared and volunteer neighbor yard work. Our efforts towards neighborhood improvement will continue through the work being done to visualize a more useful and utilized Community Park area. Finally, community building events such as the annual Easter Egg hunt and Holiday party, along with some newly proposed ideas will continue to expand our relationships with neighbors and grow interest in preserving the feel and identity of Scenic Brook.

If you’d like to hear more about our plans, please consider attending an upcoming SBNA meeting. These meetings are open to all Scenic Brook residents, new and old, and we love to have new ideas and perspectives brought to the table! Find out more here.

If you want to support your neighborhood and the action we have planned for 2018, you can do so by going here and making your yearly membership payment. These funds go towards community events, projects, and community sustainability.

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