Click here to make your yearly $65.00 Membership payment to the SBNA

*Please be advised, the Board has approved a $5.00 increase to the yearly Membership fee beginning in January 2017.  The annual membership is now $65.

Are you looking to support the SBNA and the neighborhood with a donation? You can do that here:

Scenic Brook Neighborhood Association
Scenic Brook is a Volunteer Neighborhood Association. The plus side for many is that we do not have expensive mandatory home owner’s dues. The flip side of that coin is it has been traditionally difficult to get things done on behalf of the neighborhood without these funds available. Because this is the case, the board focuses on community awareness, community development advocacy,  safety issues, property value issues, social activities, and all things related to a better quality of life for our residents.

Getting involved is easy. Below are ways you can get involved as little or as much as your lifestyle can afford you.
– deliver newsletters
– attend a social event (a good way to meet your neighbors and have some good food and drinks)
– plan a meet-up at the park
– attend a board meeting
– volunteer  for the yearly bake and yard sale
– attend community meetings for the board and report back (there are many meetings related to the Oak Hill Parkway and other local issues effecting our community, and we are always looking for neighbors  to be present)
– suggest a committee you would like to head up and take the initiative to keep it going (this is why we have a newsletter, a website, a distribution list and someone actively working on the pool property and the quagmire of it’s legal status)
– place an ad in the newsletter for your business to help off-set printing costs

Membership Form
Please fill out this form and mail a check for $65 (annual fee), made out to “Scenic Brook Neighborhood Association”, to Desiree Whitely Kent, 7121 Scenic Brook Dr., Austin, TX 78736.


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